Department of Commerce

Department Profile

The Department of Commerce was founded in 2018 and offers full-time B.Com, B.Com (CA), and B.Com with (Computer Applications) courses in business, as well as courses in finance, marketing, human resource management, accounting, and international trade. Its mission is to educate, train, and assist students in the creation and development of value-added human resources that meet international standards. The Department of Commerce follows comprehensive pedagogy for its many programmes, which consists of

  • Visitor Lectures
  • a case study
  • both solitary and collective presentations
  • classes and workshops
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • business interactions

The Students participate in projects, presentations, and internal evaluations and exams as part of the course curriculum, which is regularly updated to reflect scholarly and industrial needs. In order to improve learning and promote student individuality, the department routinely plans extracurricular events.

        To be acknowledged by the relevant parties as a pioneer in offering professional accounting, finance, education, and computer skills that are of the highest calibre and at an accessible price to meet the needs of the sector

        Establish a learning environment that puts students first and encourages academic performance, personal and professional development, and ethical and professional behaviour.
        Create great graduates who can successfully demonstrate the knowledge, abilities, and competences required to succeed in entrepreneurship, higher education, or the workforce.

Programme Offered

  1. B.Com
  2. B.Com (CA)

        The Bachelor of Commerce programme was launched in 2019 with the goal of providing students with a thorough understanding and practical knowledge of a variety of fields, including accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources. Six semesters make up the three-year undergraduate degree programme, which is structured according to the UGC’s Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) model curriculum. The initiative includes developing a platform to compete for knowledge and awareness of the shifting global economic landscape.

         In 2018, the Bachelor of Commerce (Computer Applications) programme was launched. The students of B.Com CA will study not just the topics in commerce, but also the software technology needed for their careers. They become intelligent and employable thanks to the course fusing business and computer applications. A bonus of placements in the field of commerce is training in computer applications. It has a cutting-edge, contemporary curriculum. The fields of accounting, banking, marketing, e-commerce, teaching, insurance, and stock markets all offers variety of job options for the students.