Department Of Computer Science

Department Profile

The Department of Computer Science , Raja college of Arts and Science was established in 2018. It has produced high quality technocrats for the last few decades to cater to the needs of hardware and software industry, and academic Institutions. The syllabi of the Department are updated with many advanced courses to enable students to keep themselves at par with the cutting edge-technology. The teaching in the department emphasizes on fundamental principles, development of creative thinking and the analytical ability to solve real life problems.

The Department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, personality development, developing team spirit, and developing organizational skills.Most of the faculty members have received advanced degrees and/or training from reputed institutions in India. The department has adequate infrastructures including new laboratories namely Windows NT, UNIX, Computer Hardware, Linux, PC laboratories. The department has a library with good number of books, journals and magazines to help the students to upgrade their outlook in various areas of Computer Science. The department organizes National Technical Seminars, Exhibition, Industry-Institute Interaction Programme every year.


To be a recognized leader by imparting quality technical education and thereby facilitating the extensive research environment, equipping students with latest skills in the field of technology supplemented with practical orientation to face challenges in the fast morphing modern computing industry and academia for the betterment of the society.


  • To produce best quality computer science and IT professionals and researchers by providing state-of-the-art training, hands on experience and healthy research environment.
  • To collaborate with industry and academia around the globe for achieving quality technical education and excellence in research through active participation of all the stakeholders.
  • To promote academic growth by establishing Center of Excellences and offering inter-disciplinary postgraduate and doctoral programs.
  • To establish and maintain an effective operational environment and deliver quality, prompt, cost effective and reliable technology services to the society aswell as compliment the local and global economic goals.