Department Of English

Department of English

Richly experienced faculty members are crucial to the growth of the Department. The Department is home to a group of attentive professors who are essential in enhancing the students’ literary and linguistic skills. It helps to prepare and provide a variety of programme. The Department launched its BA English Literature programme in 2018. It has a strong history of having the best staff members working hard to inspire the English slow learners from rural areas. The academic environment is made available to the need-based programme for the purpose of enhancing students’ ability to succeed in higher education. By planning Departmental functions, not only focuses on the curriculum but also encourages students’ creativity, assists them in overcoming stage fright and fosters their development as leaders. The Department of English focuses on English Literature, strives to help graduates, who often find employment in a variety of industrial areas, develop the essential communication skills. We recently introduced challenging and practical courses that enhance communication skills through activity-based learning. It has been implemented for the necessary of curricular adjustments and teaching strategies.

Programme Offered

  1. B.A English