Department Of Mathematics

Department Profile


A well-known, Industry-Integrated Institution that trains young people in knowledge, skills and research culture to fit the needs of a growing India


To deliver high-quality instruction at a fair price, to uphold academic and research excellence, with a particular emphasis on Industry-Integrated Research and Education

The Department of Mathematics was founded in 2018 and offers B.Sc. Mathematics at the undergraduate level. We serve as a vital link between all the nearby departments of B.Com, B.Com CA, BBA, BCA, B.Sc Computer Science/Chemistry.   For all of the above mentioned subjects, we are giving papers in both Mathematics and Statistics.

The B.Sc. Mathematics programme offers a platform for developing logical, analytical, heuristic and lateral thinking skills as well as the ability to apply mathematical techniques in a variety of contexts. Students with a particular interest in mathematics or computer science are catered to by the trans-disciplinary and application-focused curriculum.

Our mission is to promote the students honesty, integrity, hard effort, discipline, quality, consciousness, and social responsibility.

Ramanujan Club

In our department, we established Ramanujan Club. The students participate in this activity eagerly.

Programme Offered

B.Sc., Mathematics (3 years)


A passing grade in Government of Tamilnadu’s +2 (Academic/Vocational Stream) examinations or any other test recognized as equivalent by the Syndicate of Alagappa University